5 Resources to Price Check your Purchases

5 Resources to Price Check your Purchases

Welcome to the world of where we can buy almost ANYTHING that we want, at any point in time. 


Out and about and want to stop at a store to do some shopping?  Easy, as it isn’t difficult to find stores that are open 24/7.  Wanting to do some shopping in the comfort of your own home?  Hello, internet. where the ability to shop never stops.  If you are anything like me, you want the best deal possible.  Who wouldn’t, right?  Did you know that there are a TON of resources available to make certain you are getting the absolute best deal? Price Check is Key!

Technology makes the ability to price check extremely easy and convenient.  No longer are the days when we have to literally go store to store to see what their price points are.  If you are at Target and looking at their vacuums, how easy we have it to be able to google that exact brand to see what other stores have it priced at.  You have the ability to save time, money and curiosity of wondering if you paid too much all with the click of a button.  How amazing is that?

Besides just using Google or Yahoo to search for items that you are curious about, there is an abundance of other resources and apps that are available to do the work for you as well.

Here are 5 Resources to use to Price Check your Purchases:


  1. ScanLife App.  Have you ever heard of this app?  How easy this makes doing price checks!  You download the app (available here). Then what?  You can use your camera on your phone to scan barcodes to find out instant information.  Need to read reviews on a product?  This is the app for you.  Want to see the price points for other stores?  Look no further.  Need to know how to get to the store with the best deal?  It gives a map feature to guide you there.  Have a product you found that you liked but maybe don’t want to purchase right away?  Save it to the favorites to keep an eye on it and find those future falling prices.  Best part?  A lot of companies price match, so if you use the app and find a better deal – just show it at the register to see if they will match.  By doing that, it saves you time and money on the spot!
  2. Kelley Blue Book. Sometimes in life, you have to make a really big purchase.  Life happens.  If you are in the market for a new car, etc., this is the site for you to get educated on where the price point should be for the car you are looking for.  Not only does it allow you to narrow it down to exactly what you are looking for, it helps in breaking it down based on new, used and condition.  Why pay more for a huge purchase?  This site is a great resource to compare and search for options. It makes price checks on vehicles easy to do.
  3. Discover Card Price Protection.  Do you have a Discover credit card?  If so, check and see if you have the Discover Card Price Protection plan included.  It’s a feature, based on whether it’s a qualifying purchase, that allows you to get reimbursement for the difference between what was paid and the lower price within 90 days of original purchase.  What a great possible resource to give you that reassurance knowing that if there is a better deal in the next 3 months, you may be able to recoup some of that savings!
  4. Keep your receipts!  Certain stores will refund money as well if an item that you purchased within the last 30 days goes on sale.  All you have to do is take the receipt back to the store of purchase, have them scan it and see if any of the items have gone on sale.  They will refund you the difference on the spot if it applies.  Ask your favorite stores if they have this system in place, and if so, capitalize!
  5. Amazon.  Not much more needs to be said about Amazon and their vast supply of products.  You can price match within Amazon between companies and sellers just by looking up a certain item.  You are provided with the information in an instant and able to make a smart purchase choice based on the prices listed.

No matter how you want to try to save, there are ways to ALWAYS check to make certain you are getting the best deal.  It may take a little more time and effort, but it is worth it to ensure you are getting the best possible deal for you and your wallet!

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0  If you are anything like me, you want the best deal possible.  Who wouldn't, right?  Did you know that there are a TON of resources available to make certain you are getting the absolute best deal? Price Check is Key!

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