Welcome to the World Natalie!


As some of you may have read or have seen, I was pregnant and had my baby girl Aug. 30th! Welcome to the world Natalie!

7lbs 1.3oz
19 1/2in. Long
Black hair and Dark Brown Eyes!
Breastfeeding like a champ!

She is now 10lbs – 7.5 weeks old, exclusively breastfed and loves to smile while getting changed (usually when she makes a mess on daddy…)


Picture is her 1 month photo! Getting ready to take her 2 month photo.



Some of you may know and some may not, but I was really sick during my pregnancy. My body was not ready or ok with being pregnant. I ended up in the hospital almost every week for fluids, meds and a couple other things

It was a high risk pregnancy as my first child was born at 34 weeks – 7 lbs! – and naturally.

This pregnancy I had severe vitamin d deficiency, anemia, obesity, Hyperemesis Gravidarum, preterm labor 2xs, bad reactions to labor stopping meds, cramping, and migraines.

I only gained 7lbs and it was in the last month of my pregnancy.

As momma’s know, they won’t do an induction until 39 weeks. Well even on strict bed rest I was extremely sick and couldn’t function to take care of my toddler. I suffered from 33 weeks (First Preterm Labor Time) to 39 weeks and don’t know how my toddler made it ok each day.

I tried to talk to my Dr. and Therapist (depression in pregnancy) and they told my husband to take off work. Which can’t happen as he was paying the bills. Then because I said I can barely get off the couch to take care of my toddler, my dr. called CPS on me (to get me help with childcare) then changed the reason to my toddler needing her iron test done. (Waiting on insurance to be switched over) Let’s just say CPS was not happy that they were called and couldn’t help because there was no abuse or neglect.

I told my Dr. that I wasn’t going to see her until I needed to (She made me at 38 weeks or would drop me as a patient). I told her I want to be induced at 39 weeks on the dot because I am done and no one can force me to go longer if induction is an option. Not unless they want to pay for daycare. She listened.

I ended up in active labor when I showed up for induction, so they barely had to do anything to get baby here. So much better than last delivery!


No complications, No birth defects (toddler had a hole in the heart), Small amount of jaundice(her sister looked like an umpa loompa after she was born) and that is all. She was a little cranky until my milk came in then she grew and gained like crazy.

No pregnancies are the same, I have had 2 not so fun ones, but I won’t trade my kids for anything.

Sorry My fist picture below looks so horrible. 5 am induction time… Plus up all night with contractions.

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0 Baby #2 is here and boy was it a roller coaster ride of a pregnancy!

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  1. Congratulations on your little one, and am happy to hear that both you and baby are doing well and not facing any challenges with breastfeeding (I had some with my 3rd child). You are right no pregnancies are the same, I had 4 and none were remotely the same as the other

    • Thank you! I am so lucky to be breastfeeding. I made it three months with my first before c-diff was caught and too severe to continue. I am hoping to make it to 6 months. I am pumping when I can to get some stocked back just in case.

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