Week 28-29 of my Pregnancy Fun!

Week 1-27!

Since I haven’t posted about my pregnancy yet, I might as well get you up to date! Husband and I already have a 2 yr old. Just one time made an oops, but took Plan B within 3 hours. Guess what? It didn’t work! So I knew at my first missed period I was pregnant. I took a test once a week for a couple weeks to make sure. Of course told the husband after the first one that it was positive. Our first child is a first time trying situation. Dr. just said it is how we are made. Normally my weight and health problems would be against me getting pregnant so easily.  So we are thankful. Just not sure how my body will handle a 3rd child after this.

Started out with bad morning sickness that literally did not go away until now, horrible heartburn, many infections, severe intestinal problems and severe Vitamin D deficiency. (4.9 out of 100) I went a whole month of going into hospital to get fluids once a week. They finally found some medications that would work and kept trying to get my old medication re-approved. I was on Protonix and once my supply was up, I had new insurance that didn’t cover it. Took 5 tries of resubmitting it and trying so many meds under the sun for them to approve.

The reason I have so many problems is due to C-Diff right after the birth of my first daughter. I was sick soon after giving birth and it kept getting worse. After 3-4 months of it getting so bad, I couldn’t even pick up my own daughter, multiple hospital trips, and Dr. trips did they figure it out. Took 2 rounds of Antibiotics to kick it and now have worse food allergies, new food allergies, and serve intestinal and esophagus problems. I see a dietician, a gi Dr., and my regular/women Dr. I go through testing once a year to see how things are doing.

Now to the current weeks of pregnancy!

Week 28-29!

Good news! I finally gained and kept on some weight! It is only 1-2lbs, but it is better than nothing. (I only gained 14lbs with 1st daughter). I am also able to keep down food and the heartburn is getting better. Still having some intestinal problems, but it is back to my normal problems.

I am measuring right on the dot for weeks, Heartbeat is strong even if she kicks the Dr.  Baby’s weight is still above average, which is normal for my kids Ha Ha. My first daughter was born 6 weeks early and at 7Lbs!

I have to go in for more blood work and all that good stuff. About to start once a week appts which are always fun.

Getting our house organized and updating list on anything we still need. I have the most basic items, but since we don’t know how my body will handle birth again or if I will catch C-Diff again. I like to have a few luxuries in case, like an Auto Rock n Play and a plug in swing. I didn’t really use a swing with #1, but she lived in her rock n play, but we didn’t have the auto one and let me tell you. You want the auto one. Plus it fits in the bathroom when you are dying and is highly portable room to room.

I breastfed well for 3 months til the sickness dried me up. We had a wonderful donor for breastmilk thanks to HM4HB Indiana. Got my #1 up to 14 months fed. We hope to breastfeed as long as possible (min 6 months). I don’t mind using formula. I always have some as back up or if I unexpectedly don’t have breast milk pumped and I had to leave baby #1 with family or daddy.

Our goal for this pregnancy is 37 weeks so middle to end of August. I am due Sept. 7th, but we are skeptical we will make it that long. We are definitely going to try though. My Dr. and I already have plans in place, we also know we have to check for contractions often and any signs of baby wanting out. We will try to stop things if possible to keep #2 in as long as possible. It just wasn’t possible with #1. She wanted out no matter what.

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0 Since I haven't posted about my pregnancy yet, I might as well get you up to date! Husband and I already have a 2 yr old. Just one time made an oops, but took Plan B within 3 hours.

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  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Man, it sounds like you’ve had a bit of a rough patch, but really hope things improve as your pregnancy progresses!

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