Teach Young Children About Money


When you are a thrifty momma or just a momma in general, you want your children to learn about money, it’s value and how to manage it. Teaching new things are never quick and easy. You should always break it up into segments to give them time to learn and retain the information. Build on their knowledge as you go.

We started teaching our daughter when she turned 2. She is learning more and more each day. Don’t rush them and make it fun.

  1. Teach them what they are called.
  2. Teach them the different sizes and colors.
  3. Teach them how much each is worth.
  4. Teach them paper money names.
  5. Teach them how to sort paper money by president face and/or numbers.
  6. Teach them the value of the bills.
  7. Teach them how to add money.
  8. Teach them how to shop with money.
  9. Teach them how to save money.
  10. Make sure you use real money when teaching so they don’t get so confused. With paper money, I understand using fake money, but you want to make sure it looks pretty real. We use real money for $20 bills or less.

You can make this fun in many ways. My daughter loves to help daddy put away his money every night when he comes home. She knows it isn’t hers too, that we are saving this money. She helps name, sort and put into coin rolls. She is only 2.5 years old. She hardly ever messes up and when she does, we just tell her we need to fix our money and start over. She is completely fine with playing longer with money! Ha Ha.

Store Clearance is best time to buy!

Who doesn’t love deals? I happened to get an email right before I was leaving to get groceries. Guess what! It was 50% off clearance price at Meijer! So guess where I went? It was on toys and clothes. I also found some great deals on a couple separate baby items. 

This haul doesn’t include about 10-15 toys for my daughters birthday and Christmas presents this year! Her gifts are done!!! Spent $120 and saved $270! 

Water park $16 

Advent Calendar $11 (different sale from Christmas)

Clothes $1.60-$2 each not shown are 3 outfits for daughter

Baby toys $2-$3 each

Kid toys $2-$10 each (includes dolls, Disney stuffed animals, wood toys)

Baby Blankets and sheets $5 each.

Wait for end of season clearance sales! I usually try to also buy a few different sizes of clothes for my daughter and will for new baby. 

Basics of Couponing to help Save Money

blogmoneyAs some of you know, I coupon or find deals on as much as I can. I grew up that way and continue to do it. It isn’t always about not having enough money. It is about saving money for other things you want and need. Life is unpredictable and it is nice to know you have this or that in the case of an emergency. It may also help you put more money in savings. It doesn’t matter the reason you want to save money. It is just something you are doing.

I am going to share with you the basics of what I do to coupon and find deals to help save money for my family. I hope even a little bit of this will help you.

1. Start off with a list of stores nearby and a list of stores you are willing to drive to.

My list: Dollar General, Walmart, CVS, Kroger, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree and Meijer.

2. Join any reward programs for these stores.

Dollar General has Digital Coupons

Walmart has Savings Catcher

CVS has ExtraCare rewards

Kroger has digital coupons and fuel points

Family Dollar has digital coupons

Meijer has Mperks, digital coupons and fuel points

Dollar Tree doesn’t have these, but they do take coupons

3. Is to invest in Sunday papers, order inserts or coupons online and store adds. Side note – ads can be found online.

4. Rebate apps. I use Ibotta, savingsstar, savings catcher and others. Some need just receipts others need product and receipts.

5. Watch sales to pair with your coupons and rewards. Good thing to note is Meijer counts rewards on original price!

6. Watch for clearance. I love clearance shopping. I get items for the next year that way such as for birthday, Christmas, normal clothes in larger sizes, household item, and even food! I love manager specials and markdowns.

7. Stockpile. You do not need to go crazy! If I do buy more than I think I need, I share with family and friends. I usually buy household cleaners, wipes, light bulbs, storage bags, detergent, and diapers this way. Food stockpile is different, but same concept. Pasta, sauce, flour, sugar, ketchup, soup, cereal and items like that.

You can do even a little of this and save money. I try to save 50% when I can, but any savings are good savings. I also share my deals when I can and help people. I am not an expert, just someone who likes to spend my money on bills, debt and savings account. Plus it is nice to splurge on your family now and then.

Side note: Don’t think I don’t wait for sales on electronics, games, and furniture! I am always looking for a deal and the best price. I don’t mind waiting until it has been out a couple of weeks or months to get it either.

Good Example. I found my iPad Air 2 on amazon for $345 before tax, new in box. Apple and Walmart have them at $399 worth waiting and finding a deal. Price went up a couple days after buying too!

Leave comments and questions for anything you need help with or want more information on. I am willing to help.

Time for yourself during the Holidays


Who hasn’t thought they didn’t get time for themselves during the holidays? I know I have. This year I am taking a few mins here and there to relax and do something I want to do.

I have been taking long hot baths with a book, going grocery shopping on my own (husband gets our 2 yr old) and buying some new makeup and clothes for myself.

I find that I am a better person, mom, and wife if I take care of myself first. I can’t keep neglecting myself just to take care of everyone else. It isn’t healthy.

  1. Find 5 mins here and there to relax
  2. A couple times a week, go do something alone
  3. Buy something you want, but don’t need
  4. Take a nice long hot bath
  5. Just spend time on yourself


Enjoy your Holidays this year! Take care of yourself and be Happy!

Seventh Generation #comeclean Campaign

Once you have a child, you think about the cleaning products you have and if they are safe for your child. I know I did. I also looked into information about what was in my cleaners and found some crazy facts.

  1. They don’t always list the ingrediants on the bottles.
  2. Most are made with harmful chemicals that you don’t even need to use
  3. Most of them are so unsafe for children, that you will make you think twice

I went on a search for cleaners that do the same job, but that are safe. I found a couple options. One is homemade cleaner and two is cleaners like #seventhgeneration.

I loved that they are safe for children and they are helping spread the word about other companies and what is on the labels for those products.

I still use store bought harmful cleaners, but they are used for the really though messes and are always locked up or out of reach.

Help spread the word with #comeclean


How I spend only $50 on my child for Christmas…

stencil-instagram-postWhat is your budget per kid for Christmas? Well at my house it is $50! You may think this is crazy and such a small amount considering electronics and such. Not so crazy if you think about it.

Who waits til the month before Christmas to shop? Well I don’t! I literally start the day after Christmas for the next year’s items. I learn the clearance times of year for my local stores, I scour online for coupon codes, free shipping and huge sales/clearance, and I shop second hand. Not everything has to have a huge price tag.

My favorite place for toys is meijer! They have wonderful clearance and you earn bucks back with purchases. They use the original price for those totals also! Score! I got a Rock and Royal Barbie this year on clearance for $5 from its original price of around $25. Daughter loves Barbies and Music.914jp2n-qgl-_sl1500_


Who would pass up that price? Right? I love finding great deals. I also got “dressup” clothes on sales for $2 a piece. They are basically the Halloween costumes that went 90% off. I am talking Hello Kitty, Police women, Batgirl, Supergirl and a few others. I got her a few other items too and my total came to $47.43 this year with tax. She will have tons of presents under the tree and has no idea how much I spent. I am a frugal shopper, not due to finances, but due to the fact that I can spend that leftover money on other things for my house, my job, my car and even put it in savings. Hopefully you all have a happy holidays and you find some great deals!


Family Photos

We got some family photos done! BTW it takes forever to get a man and a toddler to cooperate properly. Ha Ha. I think my friend Kathy did a great job.  Shows that not all photos are perfect, no matter how much you try.