10 Elephant Crafts for Kids

Time for crafts! Elephants are big in my house. My toddler loves them. So these are some great crafts you can do with your kids during craft time, during homeschool or just for fun! As an added bonus, here are some fun facts about elephants you can share with your kids. My toddler loves that they like to play in water so much!

Share with us your child’s favorite Elephant Facts!


Information on These Amazing Animals:

Elephants are the largest land mammals.

Wild elephants live in families called herds – herds are made up of female elephants.

The only males in these herds are the young calves.

The leader of the herd is usually the oldest female – she is called the Matriarch.

Elephants only eat plants, grass and fruit – they don’t eat meat.

Elephants love bananas.

Elephants are so clever they can peel their own bananas, corn and lots of other food.

Elephants love water.

They love to swim, bathe and play in rivers.

To drink, they suck the water up into their trunk and spraying it into their mouths.

They love squirting themselves and people with water using their trunk like a shower.


1. Cereal Box Elephant
2. Horton Hears a Who Cotton Ball Painting
3. Elephant Paper Bag Puppet
4. Elephant Suncatcher
5. E is for Elephant
6. K-Cup Elephant
7. Elephant Handprint
8. Mysore Dasara Elephant
9. Elephant and Other Safari Animal Bookmarks
10. Cupcake Liner Elephant

~Let us know about any other animal crafts you would love to see in the comments below~

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