10 Free Date Night Ideas

There’s absolutely no reason to give up on date night, just because you’re short on cash. It’s entirely possible to have fun without spending a penny. Here’s how… Date Night Ideas:   Take a Hike A long, romantic walk through the woods doesn’t cost anything. Not only is it a great way to exercise, you […]

5 Resources to Price Check your Purchases

Welcome to the world of where we can buy almost ANYTHING that we want, at any point in time.    Out and about and want to stop at a store to do some shopping?  Easy, as it isn’t difficult to find stores that are open 24/7.  Wanting to do some shopping in the comfort of […]

4 Homemade Cleaning Products That Work

4 Homemade Cleaning Products That Work

Homemade cleaning products are typically safer to use and less expensive to make. If you’ve never tried them, there’s seriously no better time to start. Here are four possible options to consider. Toilet Bowl Cleaner While it’s probably tempting to reach for bleach when your toilet needs cleaning, try using white vinegar and baking soda […]

Basics of Couponing to help Save Money

As some of you know, I coupon or find deals on as much as I can. I grew up that way and continue to do it. It isn’t always about not having enough money. It is about saving money for other things you want and need. Life is unpredictable and it is nice to know […]

Cloth Diapers are Easier than you Think!

  If you have a child in diapers, you understand that they are expensive! I swear you use all your extra income on them, wipes and formula. It gets crazy. Cloth Diapers are a way to combat some of the expense. I always wanted to try cloth diapers but didn’t know how I was going […]